Current trends are not only modern, but many new trends are past ideas regaining new life. Trends in 2023 include décor from the 1980s as well as the 1970s. According to Good Housekeeping, “Seventies decor and colors are back. We will be seeing more terracotta, sage, and mustard colors as well as mid-century furniture trademarks — peg legs on cabinets and tables, teak wood tones, and highly textured fabrics.” – Malka Helft, Think Chic Interiors, The ’80s is calling: they want their mauve gray geometrics back in fashion! That layer of decades found in the vintage store wants to be able to have a coordinating fabric rug or wallcovering.”— Kellie Burke, Kellie Burke Interiors.


  • Mindful spaces
  • Bold patterns and colors
  • Sustainability
  • Multi-functional spaces
  • Colorful window treatments

Colorful window treatments can be like jewelry in a room. Whether you want bold or neutral colors, window treatments can take any space from drab to chic. Better Homes and Gardens states, “The color for 2023 is a blend of gray and beige with subtle red undertones that pair well with today’s trending earth-tone paint colors. Rustic Greige  wraps a room in warmth, making it perfect for kitchens, bedrooms, and family spaces alike.”

When choosing window treatments for your home, be sure to pick colors that are not only trendy but ones that will last the test of time. Trends may come and go, so you want to choose window treatments you will love year after year.

Don’t have the budget to change all of your window treatments? Try picking one room to add custom drapes. This is a great way to get a refresh without breaking the bank. Decorating room by room is not only budget-friendly but also allows more time to thoughtfully plan the desired effect for your entire home.

Our team of experienced designers can help you with one room or even your entire home.