House of Window Coverings recently worked with local medical center, Agape Health & Fitness, to install blinds in their animal treatment facilities. Services included the installation of Alta Roller Shades in Agape’s animal treatment areas, as well as Alta Screen Shades for the front door.

“Overall, the service was fantastic! The installation was timely and painless. The new blinds have helped tremendously with regulating the temperature inside the building and reducing the glare off the glass windows,” said Agape’s office manager, Kieran Kane.

Agape Health & Fitness became connected to House of Window Coverings through the treatment of one of their animal patients. When the owner of that patient also happened to be the owner of House of Window Coverings, Agape was able to discover a trustworthy and local-owned business to offer a refreshing touch to their animal-care facilities.

Updating the window shades in your home and business not only makes a space more comfortable by eliminating window glares and blocking out the sun, but also saves you money in the long run! Helping with temperature regulation, they reduce the costs of energy bills. They make a revitalizing addition to your space as well.

House of Window Coverings works with more brands than any other company in the Las Vegas area and is available to assist a variety of different customers. From updating the window coverings of your business or home, they have a shade to fit every style and budget. Restoring the energy in your space will never go out of style.