Every year, Las Vegas experiences an average of 78 days of 100°+ weather (The Weather Channel). And every year the media releases tips on how to stay cool in the heat. Still, there is one underestimated tool on how to beat the Las Vegas heat that remains—window treatments.

According to the Department of Energy, nearly 76% of all sunlight that hits the windows of a home becomes heat. Las Vegas locals knows what this means for us right here in our own city.

Although, summers in Vegas are not entirely bleak as window treatments provide more than one way to stay cool. We can all enjoy a summer of redecorating while also keeping the temperatures down in our homes. Heat gain is reduced 33% by even simple upgrades including draperies (Department of Energy).

Not only is redecorating with window treatments fun and reduces temperatures in the home, but it is also energy efficient and cost effective.

House of Window Coverings offers window treatments to fit the needs of all Las Vegas locals and their homes, including budget-friendly options for every style. If you are ready to start embracing the Las Vegas summer, visit House of Window Coverings today!

There are many ways to stay cool in Las Vegas during the summer, and window treatments addresses them all. From heat reduction to simple, but effective upgrades in our homes—House of Window Coverings reminds us it is not too hot to be cool in Vegas.