Are you in need of new ideas on how to freshen up your space? One big idea might be new window coverings. Window treatments speak to both the creativity and practicality of a home.

Entering into the new year, we find ourselves still in the midst of an unprecedented era of society. Many of us are still facing challenges while working from home. The perfect solution to this predicament includes home improvement projects and namely—window coverings.

This mantra of 2021 for House of Window Coverings is all about boosting creativity and functionality while working from home.

Replacing your window treatments can unlock an entirely new feng shui of your space. Using a combination of custom curtains and shades on windows can provide the best of both worlds when it comes to aesthetics and practicality.

Curtains appeal to the eye and amplify the design aspect of your home décor. Meanwhile, shades offer better light and energy control. The solution to striking the perfect balance then is to combine both in your window treatments.

When it comes to shades and shutters, plantation shutters are beneficial for numerous reasons. Classified as permanent fixtures, they increase the value of a home while saving you money in the long run. This is because plantation shutters are energy efficient and durable.

Curtains perform the task of opening up a space and making it appear more luxurious when layered above shutters. They should always be hung high and wide, while slightly kissing the floor (HGTV). Different colors and patterns can be explored to reflect the creativity and style of every individual within their homes.

The pandemic has transformed our homes into our schools, workplaces, restaurants and so much more. The idea of functional and beautiful has taken on an entirely new meaning in 2021 and it is time to take your window treatments along with it.

Begin with your window treatments and step into the new year in style within your home.