House of Window Coverings is proud to offer Norman Shutters! For 30 years Norman Shutters has provided function and fashion to homes all around the world as the largest manufacturer of window coverings. Norman prides itself on its long standing tradition with its versatile line of custom shutters. Norman views shutters as fine window furniture and manufactures its products with many unique features that make their product one of the most lasting and beautiful shutters crafted today.

Norman is proud to offer three different types of shutters Normandy, Woodlore and Sussex.

Normandy Shutter: The Normandy shutter is an affordable classic custom hardwood shutter. Why compromise quality for price when you can have both. Customize your hardwood shutters to fit the design and look of your home. With Normandy you can choose from an array of custom shutter options. Begin by selecting from a color palette that includes 16 rich stains, and eight classic paints. Choose from a variety of options and the result is a completely customized, handcrafted shutter, tailored perfectly to fit your windows, and most importantly your style. With Normandy you can keep it simple or over the top, that’s the fabulous thing about making it your own. The Normandy Shutter are made of SOLID hardwood, using only the finest materials and handcrafted especially for you. A well-crafted shutter closes solidly, does not have unsightly gaps, and stays that way year in and year out. To accomplish this, each part of the shutter must resist twisting, bowing, cupping and all other forms of instability inherent to natural wood. What makes the Normandy Shutter a cut above the competition? Quarter-sawn! The finest heirloom furniture is made from quarter-sawn wood furniture to ensure generations of durability and so are the stained louvers of the Normandy Shutters. In quarter-sawing, the wood is harvested in a way that makes it less susceptible to cupping, twisting and warping. Cuts are made parallel to the wood medullary rays instead of across, which gives the louvers remarkable strength and stability.The Normandy Shutter gives you the best of both worlds affordability and luxury.

Woodlore: The Woodlore collection is a wood composite shutter. Composite products are all around us and is an ideal choice for your shutters. Thanks to wood composite, many of your tables, chairs, cabinets, floors and moldings have been constructed to be stronger and longer lasting. Woodlore Shutters are made from wood and is certified as a “Green” product. Woodlore is fully compliant with the strict environmental standards set by the California Air Resource Board, supporting its mission of protecting the public from exposure to toxic air contaminants and maintaining healthy air quality. The Woodlore is among the most eco-friendly materials available, wood composite production involves very little waste, with up to 90% of every tree utilized. The Woodlore is also completely biodegradable, wood has much less of an environmental impact that other building materials. The Woodlore Shutter is extremely durable and robust, resistant to cracking and chipping over time. Because of its durable coating the Woodlore is an ideal for any climate and is extremely easy to clean and maintain.

Sussex: The Sussex Shutter was designed for discriminating homeowners that deserve the opportunity to accentuate their windows. The luxurious Sussex Shutter is nothing short of exquisite. Masterfully crafted from premium solid wood, Sussex Shutters are designed to be beautifully complement any window in the most distinguished style. Like any home investment, only shutters of exceptional quality will provide long-term value and increase appreciation. Norman ensures the beauty and durability of the Sussex Shutter by using only the finest materials, handcrafting processes, advanced technology and quality control systems. With the Sussex Shutter you can add the convenience of perfect tilt motorization. Designed to perform seamlessly on a variety of shutter shapes and sizes, perfect tilt simplifies privacy and light control by allowing you to maneuver shutter louvers from afar all at once. If luxury is what you are looking for then look no further than the Sussex Shutters.

At House of Window Coverings we have the perfect shutter, blind and or window treatment to fit your style and budget. Come visit our 5000 square foot showroom and one of our design consultants can help you choose the best option for your home. At House of Window Coverings we want to “Make Your House  A Home”!