Spring Into Style With Hunter Douglas and House of Window Coverings

An attractive window and the right light can change everything, from you room to your mood. House of Window Coverings and Hunter Douglas have mastered the art of window dressing by engineering innovative functions into style, versatile looks for every window in your home. Hunter Douglas is the leader in light control, energy efficiency, operating systems and motorization, which makes your home smarter, your days easier and every room much prettier.

Enhance light, ensuring privacy: Natural light constantly changes and shifts throughout the day- as does what we expect from our windows. We want full sun at one moment, low light the next; a clear view, then discreet screen. Hunter Douglas sheers, shades, blinds and shutters help you balance the light you want with the privacy you need. Privacy  and light are interrelated. At House of Window Coverings we offer design, in a wide array of materials, colors and opacities, that let you control light effectively and customize your privacy throughout the day and night. Sheers and other select styles are specifically designed to diffuse and draw light deeper into any room, helping you illuminate your home naturally. To help make the best selection for your home,  one of House of Window Coverings’ experienced  design consultants can visit you in your home to find the right product to best fit your design and room’s needs. Living in the dessert the sunlight is warm and welcoming, but without ultraviolet (UV) protection, over time the harsh sun can fade and damage a room’s furnishing and decor. At House of Window Coverings our products offer ultraviolet protection to help counter the suns harmful effects.

Elegant. Energy Efficient: Windows do more than just let in light and offer a view to the outdoors. They’re also where a home can lose up to 50% of its heating and cooling energy.  With energy-efficient styles that offer varying levels of window insulation, House of Window Coverings designs let you create environments regardless of the season.  Heat moves toward the cold and windows offer a perfect path. It enters your home there in the summer, exits there in the winter. The insulation effect of Hunter Douglas products can help you lower your energy consumption and costs. Controlling solar heat is another aspect of our energy-efficient styles. Although the sun’s warming effect might be welcoming during the winter, come summer it can make a room uncomfortable and expensive to keep cool. The style that we offer at House of Window Coverings are designed to reduce the solar heat that passes through the window. Our sheers and certain other styles diffuse light as it passes through, they help harness the daylight and draw it deeper into a room, reducing your needs for artificial lighting. The GreenGuard Environmental Institute identifies Hunter Douglas products that meet its stringent indoor air quality guidelines, so you can enjoy beauty that is environmentally friendly as well. 

Start your Spring off right with House of Window Coverings and Hunter Douglas! Call us today to book your free in-home consultation to see how we can “Make Your House a Home”. 702-614-0279