We know that the sun is important for our survival, but did you also know that it can damage your furniture? The wonderful, warm rays that we bask in can also warp and discolor your precious furnishings.

Ultraviolet rays cause wear and damage to wood furniture and fade those bright colors. It also can affect your floors and other surfaces. Over time, the sun can break down many of the chemicals that exist in our household items. Studies have shown that 40% of the fading comes from the UV rays, 25% from visible light, 25% from the temperature or heat, and the last 10% from sources such as interior lighting and humidity.

In areas of the country with a high heat index, such as Las Vegas, this deterioration can happen much more quickly. Here are some tips to deter or prevent these effects:

  • Periodically move furniture around
  • Choose lighter fabrics for furniture and rugs
  • Seal all wood furniture and flooring
  • Install solar screens
  • Utilize high quality window treatments

Most Hunter Douglas window coverings can filter out up to 75% of the harmful UV rays when installed over double-glazed glass windows. These products provide even greater protection, up to 99%, when fully lowered, and putting the slats, vanes or louvers in the fully closed position.Hunter Douglas

Proper window coverings will not only enhance the interior of your home, but will also keep temperatures lower in summer months and protect the interior items of your home from fading and warping.

Commit to quality sleep with our wide variety of window treatment options and let us help you live & sleep beautifully.