It may not feel like it right now, but Spring is right around the corner! The first official day of Spring is March 20th.  The increased amount of sunlight and rise in temperatures definitely have an impact on our bodies. Some noticeable changes that occur when spring comes around are:

  • Positive boost in mood
  • Improved memory
  • But also, an increase in headaches and migraines

Spring usually brings more positive effects, but more headaches and migraines? According to Healthdigest, “As the weather warms the likelihood of certain types of headaches rises. In one 2014 study published in Cephalalgia, researchers investigated the occurrence of cluster headaches, a type of headache that occurs in multiple attacks and usually affects one side of the head (National Headache Foundation). Data for over 700 patients showed that these headaches are more frequent when the seasons change from winter to spring and from the fall to winter (autumn is when they’re most frequent).”

If one is prone to migraines and headaches then it is known that exposure to light can be difficult to handle when they occur. Why do migraines increase sensitivity to light? “The ganglion cells also project to a part of the brain called the thalamus, which is a part of the brain that senses pain. It’s thought that the projection to the thalamus is what causes the exposure to light to be painful during a migraine,” says  Deborah Friedman, MD, MPH.”

 Now window treatments may not cure a headache or migraine but they can help to control the level of light in your environment. Quality window treatments can limit or eliminate the amount of light that comes into a room.

How Window Treatments Can Help Your Health
How Window Treatments Can Help Your Health

We offer a selection of the highest quality room darkening shades available. Experience the high level of darkness and also style that these treatments can provide. Room darkening shades not only help to alleviate headaches or migraines, they can also save energy costs as well. Energy efficiency, beauty, and health benefits. Room darkening shades might end up being a triple win for you!